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This is the FCAS (Foam Core Addicts Society) Members site. It is dedicated to showcase accepted members and their winning entry.

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In 2003, Uncle Frank (formerly known as Frank R) started something that even he would not imagine becoming so big and widespread. He started the Foam Core Addicts Society (FCAS for short).

FCAS became something fun to do; a challenge of sorts not bound by a lot of rules or pre requisites. All anyone needed was a piece of inexpensive and easily obtained Foam Core Board (FCB).

Currently the Society is composed of a 10 member board with Uncle Frank serving as Special Advisor:

FCAS Society Leadership
Board Member Member # Title
Uncle Frank1Founder and Special Advisor
Big Shot 000Chairman
Sub Shot 000 Co-Chairman
Little Shot 000Board Member
Wannabe 000Board Member
Sabelotodo 000Board Member
Sophos 000Board Member
Photog 000Board Member
Lady 000Board Member
Decider 000Board Member
Town Crier 000 Board Member

Heading Level 3

Did you know that there is a brand of Foam Core Board called Fome-Cor? Originally developed by Monsanto (as per Wikipedia) but claimed by Alcan Composites as the original. Visit Alcan's website or the WikiPedia entry...

Heading Level 3

Site is now fully operational. The forums are open... register, post, participate...